StoreWall HD Panels

StoreWALL: the slatwall organization system that allows you to maximize storage capacity and add value to any area of the home; not only garages, but offices, pantries, laundries, basements, dens, closets, bedrooms, tack rooms, and even boathouses. 

The Heavy Duty cellular thermoplastic panels are engineered to replace traditional wood or MDF slatwall panels: rugged, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and versatile enough to adapt to your needs. Available in 5 colors with matching trim and screws for that clean finished look. Heavy Duty wall strength is 110 pounds at 8" from the wall.

Look under Storewall/Slatwall Accessories to find all the items that will fit this unique wall panel system. There is something for every storage and organization need you have; whether it's sports organizers, tool organization, or storage baskets, hooks and shelves. 

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